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Residential Services

Providing safe, person-centered, and independence-building services guide our program and the care each resident receives. Learn more about the specific services we offer in our residential program below. 



7th Avenue Center offers a comprehensive activities program. Multiple physical fitness groups are offered including strength and movement groups, morning workouts, and outdoor sports. Gaming equipment is readily available including a ping-pong table, pool table, and bocce ball court. Additional groups include the 7th Avenue Newspaper, Arts and Crafts, Seeking Safety, Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA), Smoking Cessation, Resident Council, talent shows, birthday parties, wellness fairs, walk-a-thons, and a non-denominational morning prayer. 


Nursing services are provided at the facility 24 hours per day. Nurses monitor and administer medication while providing each resident with a health care plan that addresses medical needs. Weight management is tracked for each resident. Nurses provide health care education including medication education, relapse prevention and diabetic management education. The nursing staff address individual health needs by communicating with physicians, seeking specialized treatments, observing the resident to ensure effectiveness of the prescribed medication, and scheduling appointments for additional needs, such as dentistry. An EKG is completed on-site upon admission and if an assessment is requested by their doctor. 

Medical Doctor + Physician Services

Physician services are provided by a licensed physician. The Medical Director performs an initial evaluation at admission and monitors the health of each resident. Optometry services are available on-site as needed.


7th Avenue Center provides three nutritious meals and snacks daily. Menus are reviewed by a registered dietician to ensure that meals are balanced and meet residents’ nutritional needs. Special diets, including but not limited to diabetic, vegetarian and vegan diets are regularly accommodated.

The Resident Council provides feedback on menus and clients vote on ‘Resident’s Choice’ meals and menus for special events such as barbecues, holidays and resident birthday parties. Cultural considerations are also included when preparing meals and snacks.


Full housekeeping and laundry services are provided at the facility. Residents are encouraged to practice independent self-care skills. Washers and dryers are available for personal use allowing residents to take responsibility and develop a skill while also receiving staff member support.

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